WebMoney is an online method of payment, which allows you to easily and quickly transfer funds to and from online sites.

Registered users manage their accounts using one of the 2 free tools:
-    WM Keeper Classic
-    WM Keeper Light

To see a demonstration on how to register and manage above "keepers", please visit the Help Desk page on http://www.wmtransfer.com/.
Once you have fully registered your WebMoney account, you may create purses which you will use to transfer funds from. All transactions between WebMoney and UWIN Poker being limited to USD, you will need to hold a funded USD purse (a Z- purse) to initiate transactions.  Please see Adding Funds for more information on funding methods.

You may now use it to transfer funds into your UWIN Poker account by going to the "Make a deposit" section of the "Cashier" page:
My Account > Cashier > Make A Deposit

Click on the " Webmoney " logo and enter the desired amount (Please remember that Webmoney charge an additional 0.8% ON TOP OF THE REQUESTED AMOUNT, therefore this needs to be included in your available balance) , then click on "Initiate Payment" button. Once you select "Payment Start" and you will be directed to WebMoney, where you will need to provide your Webmoney purse number in order to complete the transaction.


In order to cash out from your UWIN Poker account by using this option, please go to the "Cash out" section of the "Cashier" page:
My Account > Cashier > Cash out
Once you have selected the " Webmoney " logo and entered the desired amount, click on "Initiate Payment" button.

Your request will be processed within our standard processing time of 24-48 working hours.

This payment method is available everywhere except US.


UWIN Poker does not impose any fees on WebMoney transactions. In the unlikely event of this occurring, please contact our customer service.

For further queries you may have, please contact us at support@uwinpoker.com