Ukash is a simple and secure way of making cash payments online.
It is a form of electronic redeemable voucher (protected by a unique and secure 19-digit code) that can be purchased in local shops with cash (ideal for members who do not wish to use their credit/debit cards online).

You do not need to register with Ukash, simply purchase a voucher from one of the vendors near you -

Once you have purchased a Ukash voucher, transfer funds into your UWIN Poker account by going to the "Make a deposit" section of the "Cashier" page:
My Account > Cashier > Make A Deposit

Once you have selected the "Ukash" logo and entered the desired amount, click on "Initiate Payment" button. On the next page you will be asked to provide the voucher number and voucher value, then click on "Initiate payment".
A partial payment of the total voucher value is possible, in which case the remaining funds are kept on the voucher for the following transaction.


This payment method is available to European members from France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, UK, Spain, Italy and Portugal and non European members from Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

You may find the list of serviced countries on

UWIN Poker does not impose any fees on Ukash transactions. In the unlikely event of this occurring, please contact our customer service.

For further queries you may have, please contact us at



Combine, Split and Convert your Ukash voucher

You can do even more with your Ukash. Ukash allows you to combine, split and convert your vouchers. Its really easy!

Go to and click on Tool Kit (you will need to log in to “My Ukash”)

To combine your vouchers, simply insert your 19-digit code and value for each voucher. You will then receive a new 19-digit voucher code with the total value you combined.

To split your vouchers, insert your 19-digit code and value. Then, specify what value vouchers you wish to receive (i.e. to split a £30 voucher into 3 vouchers of £10, insert £10 into each box). You will then receive the new 19-digit vouchers with the new smaller amounts.

To convert your voucher, insert your 19-digit code and the value. Then specify which currency you wish to convert it to (i.e to €). You will then receive a new voucher code with the new currency and value.

Go to to find out more.





Cahout option:

Ukash is quick and convenient. You can withdraw your winnings instantly to a Ukash voucher that you can spend online in many different ways:

You don’t need a bank account or debit card to receive your winnings as a Ukash voucher and the Ukash voucher is valid for 12 months.


Find out more at