Paybox is the Austrian mobile-payment platform. The four largest Austrian mobile operators - mobilkom austria, ONE, T-Mobile and tele.ring - rely on paybox as mobile-payment standard


Paybox is available in two modes of payment:

1. More than 4 million mobilkom austria´s A1, ONE, T-Mobile and tele.ring residential post-paid customers are able to use paybox automatically for mobile payments via their monthly mobile phone bill without the need for separate registration


2. All other pre-paid subscribers or customers using a corporate mobile phone, who cannot use the monthly mobile bill for their payments can directly subscribe to paybox by logging on to . In this case payments will be debited from your bank account. (pls note Paybox imposes a yearly subscription charge of Eur19)


Customer provides mobile phone number during the payment process and will receive an automatic call from paybox - user listens to amount and recipient's name.

Customer confirms identity with PIN code and then receives confirmation of payment through sms and e.mail - Paybox then charges the bank account via direct debit


You may use Paybox to transfer funds into your UWIN Poker account by entering our cashier deposit page.

Click on the "Paybox" logo, enter the desired amount and initiate payment.

You will receive a text message shortly after which you must reply back to with: JA.

 * Please note that the approval of the payment process may take up to 3 minutes, after this you can then click on ‘back'



Cashouts are not available via Paybox


For further queries you may have please contact us at